1.Congratulations! Results of EPT in 2nd Semester/2018
Results of English Proficeincy Test for Ph.D students for Trimester 2/2018
ANNOUNCED BY   The Evaluation and Graduate Information Office   ANNOUNCED DATE   15 February 2019
 2.Final Trimester 2/2018
    1.Please !! Check the DATE,the TIME and the ROOM number of your final Exam from the Web site or from the bulletin board of the Office of Teaching and Examination Timetable.
    2.Students whose exam timetable for certain subjects are in conflict can check the date, the time and the room number here (Click)****
    3.Dressed properly according to rules and regulations of the University.(No jeans! No Laboratory gown! No Sandals etc.)
**** Penalties for CHEATING in the exam (CLICK)
ANNOUNCED BY   the Office of Teaching and Examination Timetable.   ANNOUNCED DATE   11 February 2019
 3.Class Make up : Sunday February 17th, 2019
Sunday February 17th, 2019 is a class make up day for classes scheduled for Tuesday February 19th, 2019 using the original time and venue or classrooms. However, there might be some rooms conflict. Please, check the change of rooms from the announcement [The talble moving for classroom on Sunday February 17th ]
ANNOUNCED BY   The Schedule Division   ANNOUNCED DATE   8 February 2019
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        contact : ศูนย์บริการการศึกษา อาคารเรียนรวม 2 ทุกวันทำการ เวลา 8.30-16.30 น.