1.Final Trimester 1/2018
    1.Please !! Check the DATE,the TIME and the ROOM number of your Mid-term Exam from the Web site or from the bulletin board of the Office of Teaching and Examination Timetable.
    2.Students whose exam timetable for certain subjects are in conflict can check the date, the time and the room number here (Click)****
    3.Dressed properly according to rules and regulations of the University.(No jeans! No Laboratory gown! No Sandals etc.)
**** Penalties for CHEATING in the exam (CLICK)
ANNOUNCED BY   the Office of Teaching and Examination Timetable.   ANNOUNCED DATE   14 October 2018
 2.Class Make up : Sunday October 21st, 2018
Sunday October 21st, 2018 is a class make up day for classes scheduled for Tuesday October 23rd, 2018 using the original time and venue or classrooms. However, there might be some rooms conflict. Please, check the change of rooms from the announcement [The talble moving for classroom on Sunday October 21st ]
ANNOUNCED BY   The Schedule Division   ANNOUNCED DATE   12 October 2018
From academic year 2018 No printed academic calendar (online only)
ANNOUNCED BY   Registrar Office   ANNOUNCED DATE   31 July 2018
 4.Undergraduate and postgraduate student manual of the academic year 2018
New students of the academic year 2018 can study the detail of students' manual at
- Undergraduate Manual
- Posgraduate Manual
ANNOUNCED BY   The Registrar division   ANNOUNCED DATE   23 July 2018
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